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$279 + $5 to $10 transfer cost.

This is one time cost only.

This does not include the cost of any external services.

All external services which will be used to build website have generous free tier and does not require credit card for sign up and they are:
  • Render
    • Used For: Hosting and building
    • Free tier: 100 GB/month egress data. If for a particular month, it is used then the cost for additional data served is $0.10/GB. Building is free.
    • Pricing Page
  • Forestry
    • Used For: Content Management System (CMS). Your website will be editable at
    • Free tier: Free Up to 3 sites. Free Up to 3 editors per site.
    • Pricing Page
  • GitHub
    • Used For: Source code version control system and for comments on pages having blog posts
    • Free tier: Unlimited public/private repositories. Unlimited collaborators.
    • Pricing Page
  • Rollbar
    • Used For: error reporting
    • Free tier: 5,000 free error events per month
    • Pricing Page
  • Freshping
    • Used For: Uptime monitoring
    • 50 different checks, 1 min interval and lot more
    • Pricing Page
  • TinyLetter
    • Used For: Email newsletter
    • Free tier: Completely free. Upto 5000 subscribers. If exceeded you need to move to MailChimp or other similar services
  • Domain name: ~$12/year (recurring)

It is most likely that the usage will remain in the free tier of each service for a significant amount of time.

How much time will you take to create my website?

You will see your website live and running within 3 to 14 working days.

How do I pay you?

I will share my bank account details and you can use Wise or similar service of your choice which directly transfer the amount to the bank account.

More information about the process overview is present at Process