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Personal Website Services

Let your thoughts flow

I will create a simple, fast, modern and secure website with blog for you at $279

Easy to consume and publish content from
Quick navigation between the pages
Uses JAMstack architecture
Site will be converted to static assets such as HTML, JS, CSS at build time thus reducing attack surface to almost zero
Build your personal online brand which is completely owned by you
  • Pages I will create for you
    • Home - Intro + few recent blogs
    • Blog - List of blogs
      • Each blog will have its own page
    • About -
    • Contact - Markdown + Contact form

  • Integration with Forestry CMS
    • You will be able to manage and publish content of your website via Forestry, a Git based CMS
    • Create as many page you want (like `/about`) with Markdown
    • Create as many blog you want with Markdown -
    • Instant preview
    • Manage internal as well as external links of Header and Footer
Viruses are not meant to be airborne, your thoughts are
  • Single Page Application - No full page reload between navigation
  • Interactive search
  • RSS feed
  • robots.txt and sitemap.xml for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Custom 404 page
  • Link to Previous and Next post on every blog post page
  • Error reporting plugin integration via Rollbar
  • Comment plugin integration via Utterances
  • Contact form via Formium
  • Newsletter via TinyLetter
  • Uptime monitoring via Freshping
  • Analytics plugin integration via Google Analytics
I want to write blogs, not code for my blogging website
30 days of support. I will fix it if anything breaks. (Terms and conditions apply)
About the author

Sohel Ahmed Mesaniya

Hi 👋, I am Sohel Ahmed, an independent software engineer creating dynamic web apps, websites and blogs. I came across a website that was very fast and lightweight. I decided to create a similar one for myself and that led to creation of Personal Website Services.

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